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88 Avenue du Général de Gaulle  92130 Issy les Moulineaux -  France
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for customer spaces, training areas, project spaces, intranets or extranets ...
for financial transactions,
sensitive technology shares ...

Effective digital sharing
with your customers or your partners,

Usable in minutes
Online subscription. Nothing to download on your computer.
Intuitive and instant deployment.
Free and unlimited email and phone support.

Hosted and secure in France.
256-bit key encryption
Customization of the features.
Personalization of the presentation: screens in the image of your structure and (if desired) accessible from its site.
Thousands of professional users, continuous improvements
integrating their remarks (thanks to the architecture in SaaS mode)

 Two cost-effective solutions

€ 20 /mo

0,50 € HT /mo

"I use the MyCercle Pro Sharing spaces to save time and efficiency: conducting our RGDP missions, distributing our newsletter ... and opening the deposit function for my clients. "
Vincent Le Faucheur - Cabinet Le Faucheur, Lawyers

Who are we ?

Our company
MyCercle, a French company founded in 2013,
has a capital of 1,267,000 € held
by its founders.
Our mission
Combine confidentiality and simplicity in digital sharing, with customizable professional solutions instantly without knowing anything about computers.

Our subscribers
Independent professionals, lawyers, financial advisors, consulting companies, and more important structures of the industry or the service. Everyone appreciates our free and unlimited assistance, mail and phone.
Learn more about the FOUNDERS of MyCercle



Security at all levels is privileged in our solutions and makes MyCercle
a reference partner for the legal professions
and all professionals for whom confidentiality is important.
Legal security
Extended privacy commitments,
Compliance with the European Regulation (GDPR)
Digital security
Encryption of exchanges and stored documents (256-bit key).
Secure hosting in France by a recognized provider (Adista).
Internet security Server evaluated A (Qualys vulnerability rating).
Avoid mail servers to your confidential shares.

Security by design
Ergonomics to avoid sending errors.
Easy control and correction of who sees what
Nothing to download.

News and videos

Entrepreneurs, a checklist of your digital risks and how to master them
July 5, 2019
The digital risks a company faces are numerous and diffuse. For a long time the right solution was to digitize nothing confidential; then to share nothing numerically. But the first and second strategies have become untenable for years.  Read the post
6ème édition du Prix de l’innovation des avocats en relation clients, ce qu’il faut en retenir !
4 juillet 2019
5 lauréats ont été récompensés en 2019: leurs réalisations nous informent sur l’évolution du secteur. La synthèse ci-dessous nous apprend que les cabinets innovants continuent de développer des sites plus professionnels, avec des services en ligne plus riches. Leurs offres sont de plus en plus claires et réfléchies. L’accès à un espace client sécurisé (qu’on l’appelle « extranet » ou « plateforme ») reste encore malheureusement l’exception.Lire la suite 
Virtual Data rooms in M&A
February 2, 2019
The point of view of Fabienne Hanras, head of Eurallia Finance Marseille and
member of the board of directors of Eurallia Finance, director of the
professional union of merger advice acquisition CNCFA .
Read the interview