What is MyCercle?

MyCercle is a digital solution allowing an organization to create in a few minutes its secure extranet; with the free support of specialists to adjust the solution to its needs, if necessary.

Who is MyCercle designed for?

MyCercle is designed for professionals: technology companies, M&A firms, lawyers ... with the level of service and security of a professional application.

Can MyCercle be used by an independent?

It's for them that MyCercle was invented, because the extranet solutions of the big
organizations are too heavy. But a large company will appreciate MyCercle's flexibility for one-off needs.

What are the highlights of MyCercle Sharing Spaces?

Your spaces are the best standards: unlimited content, synchronization with your interlocutors emails, two-way exchanges of memos and documents, and many other benefits that you discover while trying.

Am I limited on the size or number of documents stored in MyCercle?

No, you can share in a space as many files as you want, divided into as many folders, subfolders ... as desired. (limited to 500 megabytes per file).

Which formats are accepted in MyCercle?

All major formats, we complete if necessary (MyCercle is not designed to host videos but manages llnks to video)..

How will my clients or contacts access their space?

You invite them in a few seconds: name, first name, email, an invitation message, youconfirm and they receive the link; they choose their password and access their space.

Can I link my website and MyCercle?

Of course, it's a simple line of code that we provide you. It allows your interlocutors to access your MyCercle extranet from your website.

Can I share MyCercle with colleagues?

Of course. You can share with them the codes of your subscription; or extend to them an
administrator status on one or several spaces.

How to subscribe?

On the site, test the solution for free and then switch if and when you want to a paid subscription with no time commitment.

How much will MyCercle cost me?

Your billing is automatic every 3 months: 1 € ex. VAT/month per Space and a monthly access fee of 20 € ex VAT

How does my subscription stop?

No commitment, you stop your subscription whenever you want: you are only engaged for the current quarter and you easily retrieve your documents by zipped file.

What help is offered to use MyCercle?

You will benefit from the free and unlimited support of MyCercle specialists, through mail and

What security does MyCercle bring?

MyCercle provides high standards of privacy and security (encryption, hosting in France ...): you can check the details by clicking HERE. MyCercle avoids your confidential documents transit through a mail server.

Is my MyCercle extranet scalable?

Yes, you regularly benefit from new features. They integrate wherever possible those suggested by our Club Subscribers, so by you too.